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Retarded Animal Babies 5 Retarded Animal Babies 5

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Theres a good and a bad part to it.

The GOOD part is that the graphics are pro and i love the them. I think you got great skill with your art and you have a brillant mind to come up with some of the lines in all the others ones but this one. The BAD part about this movie that i acculty got bored from watching it. Like all your other ones where way better. I give
#1 a 10
#2 a 10
#3 a 10
#4 a 10
#5 a 3
I gave it a 3 because it sucked (not the graphics just the humor was horrible , so I just wana say it was a great flash movie graphic wise but a horrible flash movie humor wise.

Peace TBalliance

A Dragon's Destiny 2 R A Dragon's Destiny 2 R

Rated 5 / 5 stars

so it is posible for someones jaw to hit the floor

simply amazing. i would love to know what program you used to make the 3d and bitmaps. please respond, or add my on AIM, my handle is BoSheezey, or email me or something. I NEED THIS PROGRAM!! well any way, I love this vid, make more